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There are many international services that require SMS-confirmation or answering a phone call when registering. Such services exist in every country. You should agree that it is unprofitable to go abroad just to buy a SIM-card of a foreign operator. Meta Sim online store has taken care that in such cases you can buy SIM-card online in Ukraine at a favorable price. We cooperate with many foreign operators, so you can order SIM-card mobile network of near and far abroad countries. SIM-card can be both anonymous and identified with the help of documents. In most cases, operators of the world provide citizens of Ukraine with access to a personal account, which allows you to replenish the SIM-card account with a bank card. Meta Sim online store has most foreign SIM-cards in stock. However, some international SIM-cards are supplied only “to order”. In this case you will have to wait a little longer to receive the card. If you have any questions about how to get a foreign number for registration on the website or in the application, contact us by calling +380986150000, write on Viber or Telegram.

International SIM-cards on sale in Ukraine

Is it possible to buy SIM-card for Internet, with favorable tariffs for roaming abroad and at the same time to keep anonymity? Will it be possible to use international social networks, messengers and other services incognito? Of course, yes. Order a foreign SIM card from us and you will get: a foreign starter package at a favorable price; the card will be ready to use immediately (in case of the need to activate the SIM card we help buyers, for this purpose contact us in a convenient way); possibility to receive incoming and make outgoing calls from a foreign number; possibility to register with the SIM-card in all kinds of foreign messengers and applications of different countries. Any foreign SIM-card has a universal size and is suitable for all phone models

How to place an order for Sim-card for Internet and registration

Where to buy cheap SIM-cards with favorable tariffs for Internet abroad and the ability to activate access to various services by phone number? In the online store Meta Sim. To do this: place an order for an international SIM-card online through the Basket; specify the delivery address; wait for order confirmation. We will send the SIM card you need on the day of ordering by “New Post”. You can pay for the purchase of international SIM-card by bank card or at the post office by cash on delivery. If you need assistance in activating the SIM card of the selected country, the buyer can call us at the phone number listed on the site. Many companies do not require personal data of the user of the mobile network to register a SIM card. This applies to the start packages of the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia and some other countries, the list of which buyers can check with our consultants.

Foreign SIM-cards from popular telecom operators

We cooperate with more than 40 international operators, including mobile communication companies from different countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA. You can buy SIM-card for traveling abroad, for communication by phone with relatives or business partners abroad, for registration on international services. We sell SIM-cards of world famous (Play, Vodafone) and local operators (Epic, Globaltel). If you need an international SIM-card for the Internet abroad, for example, for use in European countries, we will certainly choose the best option. For example, in Bulgaria you can use Spanish Orange SIM card for this purpose. We have a variety of cards to suit your needs.

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Learn more about Metasim - your reliable partner in the world of mobile communication. The SIM cards presented on our website provide full access to all mobile operators' services in their home countries. You can also use them in Ukraine according to roaming conditions. Please note that specifications, roaming conditions and appearance of the product may be changed by the manufacturer without notice. Our specialists with deep knowledge will help you choose the best option, taking into account your needs and budget. We provide consultations from 9:00 to 21:00 on business days. In addition to sales, we also offer long-term support after purchasing the SIM card and fast delivery through Nova Poshta. You will find the best prices with us, special discounts for loyal customers, flexible payment terms, and various promotional offers. We guarantee your privacy and assistance with SIM card activation. You can find the necessary SIM card in our diverse range, where more than 40 operators from 30+ countries are represented, or purchase it "on demand." You can buy foreign SIM cards from us, including a Lithuanian sim-card, a Swedish SIM card, a German sim card, a Spanish sim card, and many others. We offer a variety of mobile operators, including Polish SIM cards, such as Play Poland sim card, and mobile operators in the Czech Republic. Our prices are affordable, and quality is guaranteed. You can buy a sim card usa or a Spain sim card at an excellent price, as well as SIM cards from any other country at very competitive rates.

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