Vodafone 4.0> 49>
    from 1 - 650uah
    from 10 - 600uah
    from 30 - 550uah
    from 50 - 525uah
    from 101 - 500uah
    Epic 4.0> 55>
    from 1 - 650uah
    from 10 - 600uah
    from 30 - 550uah
    from 50 - 523uah
    from 100 - 500uah

    Buy Cyprus SIM card at affordable price

    Planning a trip to Cyprus? Take care of your mobile communication in advance. In MetaSim online store you can buy a Cyprus SIM-card for internet and calls with an optimal package of services. If the trip will take several days, you can do with roaming for communication. If you plan to stay in Cyprus for a long time, it is more profitable to buy a local SIM card. What is the cost of a SIM-card of Cyprus? It depends on the mobile operator, and the cost of use – on the tariff plan connected.

    There are several major mobile network operators in Cyprus:






    PrimeTel SIM card is recommended for the best internet experience in Cyprus. If you plan to visit remote parts of the country, it is better to buy a Vodafone or CYTA SIM card. These operators have a wide coverage area and good quality of communication.

    Cyprus SIM cards for internet and SMS

    Cyprus travel SIM cards offer various service packages. For example, operator CYTA offers travelers a special tariff Soeasy Plus. 40 GB of internet, 3000 minutes and 3000 SMS will cost 50 euros. Outside the package, 1 Mb of Internet costs 0.15 euros, 1 minute of communication with Ukraine – 0.40 euros.

    Cyprus mobile operator Epic has several travel tariffs. For the internet, the optimal one is Pay As You Go. For 15 euros you get 4 GB of traffic for 1 month. If you run out of GB, you can buy an additional package for a small fee.

    Call us and we can tell you which SIM card to choose for your specific needs. We can also bring the right SIM card to order.

    Where to buy Cypriot SIM-card in Ukraine

    We can buy SIM-card of mobile operators of Cyprus at an affordable price. We carry out retail and wholesale sale.

    Cyprus SIM-card can also be used in Ukraine, for example, for such tasks as:

    registration of accounts in social networks;

    Messenger registration;

    Authorization on international services;

    connect with family, business partners abroad.

    Order a Cyprus SIM card in our online store. Delivery is possible to all localities of the country. Usually the shipment is made on the day of ordering. To get answers to your questions about choosing an operator, buying and delivering a SIM card, please call us.

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