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    French SIM-cards for Internet and SMS 

    To not be left without mobile communication in France, we recommend to buy a French phone numberin advance. Place an order in the online store MetaSim. We have affordable prices and convenient service. Simki can be bought both wholesale and retail, and delivery is made to all major cities and small towns of Ukraine.

    You can buy SIM-card in France but it is not reasonable. First, you will lose time searching for specialized stores. Secondly, it is unlikely that you will be able to quickly choose the desired tariff. It is better to buy a SIM card of the French operator in advance, before going abroad. We will advise you on the choice and offer you the best option.

    French phone numbers for registrations and SMS 

    French mobile operators’ SIM cardsare used not only abroad for communication and Internet, but also on the territory of Ukraine. Mostly foreign phone number is bought for:

    registration of accounts in social networks;

    authorization in foreign online stores;

    registering on cryptocurrency exchanges;

    activation of e-wallets;

    calls abroad;

    Many international services require identity verification using a cell phone. Some make calls, others send a message with a code.

    If you need to register on a foreign Internet resource, you do not have to leave the territory of Ukraine and go abroad to buy a SIM card of a particular country. Our online store has SIM-cards of almost all countries. Direct deliveries from operators allow us to form flexible prices. In addition, if the desired SIM-card is not available in our online store, it can be ordered individually. Just tell your wishes to the manager, he will certainly offer possible solutions to your question.

    French mobile operators 

    The following are among the most popular cellular operators in France:





    Bouygues Telecom.

    They have a wide coverage area and provide quality mobile communication.

    Lebara – one of the most democratic operators in France. It does not require passport registration and offers a large number of prepaid tariffs.

    Lebara – one of the most democratic operators in France.

    Many mobile operators in France offer only contract connection, which is not very convenient if you are traveling to the EU for a short period of time, for example, on a business trip or tourist trip.

    Another leader in the French mobile market – Orange. Like Lebara, it has prepaid tariffs. This is as convenient as possible for tourists.

    French leaders include SFR. If you run out of GBs under the terms of the plan, you can buy them separately. It is possible to order 10 GB for 10 days for about 10 euros.

    French operator Bouygues Telecom also has favorable offers for tourists. For example, for 20 euros for 30 days the subscriber will be able to talk unlimitedly on the phone within the network, will receive 500 MB of Internet. Additional volume of Internet can be bought in a separate package.

    Where to order French SIM-card in Ukraine 

    We offer to place an order on our website. Add the French SIM-card to the Shopping Cart and fill out the online form. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details of your order.

    You can buy a starter package for specific tasks – SIM-card France for Internet, calls, SMS, registrations on international services. If you are planning to travel to the EU, we recommend you to activate an inexpensive and favorable tariff plan in Ukraine.

    Buy SIM-card France at an affordable price on MetaSim 

    We can buy any SIM-card with delivery in Ukraine. In most cases, the shipment is carried out on the day of ordering. For the convenience of customers there are various payment options – cash on delivery, cashless payment.

    The assortment of our online store has a lot of SIM cards for use in Europe (France, UK, Germany, etc.). Check out the catalog and make your choice. You can also contact us for professional advice.

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