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    Lithuanian SIM card for registrations, SMS and calls 

    Lithuanian phone numbers are necessary both for migrant workers to communicate with their relatives and for residents of our country who conduct international business. A Lithuanian SIM card can be used in our country for registration in social networks, on various services, for cheap calls abroad.

    If you are planning a trip to Lithuania, we recommend to buy a Lithuanian phone numberat home. It can be ordered on MetaSim website. We cooperate with many operators and can deliver any SIM under the order. We have affordable prices, convenient service. Starter packs are sold retail and wholesale. The more cards you order, the cheaper each of them is!

    Of course, you can buy SIM-card in Vilniusor another city, but so you will have to be without communication for some time after crossing the border or use roaming services, which is quite expensive. In Lithuania, as well as in Ukraine, you can buy a starter package in a kiosk, supermarket, gas station, specialized store. To activate it you do not need passport data or other identification methods. It is enough to insert SIM-card into the device slot and that’s all – it is activated, ready for use.

    Why do you need a Lithuanian SIM card?

    Lithuanian operators’ SIM cards will allow:

    register in Facebook, Instagram;

    authorize in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers;

    use cryptocurrency exchanges;

    call family, friends, and business partners abroad;

    call family, friends, and business partners;

    If you want to buy SIM-card for specific tasks, call us, we will find the best option. The offers of different mobile operators differ significantly. If one emphasizes on profitable communication, the other – on affordable Internet.

    Buying SIM-card in MetaSim online store – is an opportunity to quickly and inexpensively purchase a foreign number without leaving home. Delivery is carried out in all settlements of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

    Benefits of Lithuanian SIM-cards in Ukraine 

    Lithuanian SIM-cardsopen many opportunities for residents of Ukraine and people who are planning a tourist, work trip abroad, negotiate with foreign partners. They allow residents of our country to register on various services.

    Lithuanian SIMs are replenished in the same way as Ukrainian SIMs:

    through the terminal;

    through the operator’s mobile application;

    through online banking.

    Directly in Lithuania you can buy a voucher for replenishment. Standard amounts – 2, 3, 10, 15 euros.

    Popular mobile operators in Lithuaniawhich enjoy high demand among Ukrainians, are Pildyk, Bite GSM and Tele2. Pildyk offers various tariff plans and additional service packages. The cheapest tariff costs 5.89 euros for 30 days. It includes 199 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and 5 GB of internet. For unlimited minutes, SMS you will have to pay 15.89 euros. There are special tariff plans for the European Union. 1 GB, 100 minutes, 100 SMS in the EU will cost 8.99 euros for 7 days.

    Bite GSM differs from others by having a prepaid tariff for 150 days. The account can be topped up once every six months. It is convenient for Ukrainians who are engaged in international transportation. The cheapest tariff plan for 30 days – «Start». For 2 euros per month you will get 30 minutes for calls and 30 messages.

    Operator Tele2, like Pildyk, offers favorable tariffs. The price of a monthly package starts from 5 euros. A tariff with enough GB will cost approximately 16 euros. The cost of international calls – 0.5 euros per 1 minute.

    Where to buy cheap Lithuanian SIM card

    In MetaSim online store you can buy Lithuanian SIM cardat a low price with delivery. Make an order on the site. We will deliver the purchase to any settlement of Ukraine «New Post».

    To buy a starter package of the operator, which is not in the catalog, call us. We will accept your request and bring the necessary SIM card to order or offer an alternative. You can buy Lithuanian cell phone numberfor any tasks.

    All SIM cards you can order from us are standard size and transformable to fit any slot on your device. This means that you can use them in both modern gadgets and older devices.

    All SIM cards you can order from us are standard size and can be transformed to fit any device slot.

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